The Best Love Songs of All Time

What is the best way to express your feelings? How to create a romantic atmosphere? You can do it with the help of music. It can convey everything that is in the soul, cause a surge of warm emotions, and leave behind an unforgettable experience without a word.

According to a long-standing human tradition, the spring period and the natural phenomena that it brings are directly associated with a warm and nice feeling. We mean love.
 An unthinkable amount of romantic love songs has been written about all this, and in today’s top, only absolute classics will be presented – the best love songs of all time.  

Why are love songs always relevant?

In every person’s life, a song plays a bright, prominent role. It strengthens the spiritual mood and helps let emotions out. Songs about love are necessary for every specific situation. And, of course, a person who is experiencing such a strong feeling as love just can’t do without a song. Love completely changes people. It revives new qualities, connects all kinds of psychological and physical resources of them, but, at times, doesn’t provide an opportunity to express all power with words. And then powerful love songs come to the rescue. It is easiest to confess in love, to be heard, and correctly understood in romantic songs.

Music is a great force. Even in ancient times, people realized that long, drawn-out sounds are much brighter than short and sharp ones. Moreover, it was long, melodic sounds that allowed attracting attention longer. Also, men attracted the attention of girls with their melodic voices. A man or woman with the most pleasant voice, who could create sounds that found a response in the souls of fellow tribesmen, was especially popular. These sounds can hardly be called ultimate love songs but that is how the song originated.

Words are of great importance in all human activities. They can kill and resurrect. Their power can’t be overestimated. Therefore, the merger of two powerful forces (words and music), that is, a song, has such an amazing impact on any person.

How to choose a song for a romantic evening?

It is difficult to underestimate the role of music in the life of every person. Music can evoke memories, bring joy, it can be sad. Psychologists’ studies have shown that the impact of a particular melody is associated with its rhythm and its relations with the inner rhythm of people themselves. But not every melody is suitable for a romantic date or love games. To guess the mood of a partner and become a little closer to each other, first of all, you need to know what music to choose.

  1. Determine your purpose

To choose the right music for a romantic date on bebemur or other site, first of all, determine for yourself the purpose of this meeting. If this is a meeting of two spouses who have been married for twenty years and want to revitalize their relationship, then the musical accompaniment of their romantic meeting can be very different from the music of the first date of a newly met couple who wants to spend an evening together.

  • Learn the tastes of your partner

Having heard favorite music, your guest will relax and unconsciously feel at home. Forget about your collection of music tracks. What will make him/her feel cozy and comfortable? Remember what kind of music they recommended or what concerts they talked about. Look at their profiles on Facebook – many people indicate their favorite groups in the interests. Download these songs in advance and listen to them – maybe they will suit the mood for a romantic evening. And if not, you will at least understand what style of music they like.

  • Music shouldn’t interfere with communication

Keep in mind that music shouldn’t interfere with communication. In a romantic setting, it is important to hear every word. Therefore, your choice should fall on the greatest love songs, which are either a complement to the situation or carry some sense, attracting the attention of the interlocutor at the right time.

  • Remember about the magic of low frequencies

The human ear is a complex instrument due to which the brain perceives many sounds only at the subconscious level. Make sure that the bass of your music center or computer is tuned in. Choose music with a lot of low frequencies – it is always well perceived by the body and even a little immersed in a trance. Maybe you can enjoy light jazz music where vocalists sing in low voices.

  • Make an endless playlist

Depending on the purpose of the date, make your playlist in such a way that songs smoothly flow one into another, gently focusing attention on one or several topics because music has a strong effect on a person. Musical sounds form various images in our mind along with the experiences and emotions that arise during a date.

What genres are the most popular?

Music is everything. We dance to it, read and listen to music, play and listen to music, even walk in the supermarket and some melody sounds in the background. It surrounds us. Even the nightingale singing in the spring is some kind of music. Each person is attracted to a particular genre but statistics say that among all, there are especially popular music genres, which are very suitable for a romantic date.

First of all, it is pop music. It is rhythm, simplicity, and energy. Do you remember Michael Jackson? Pop music attracts attention precisely with its rhythmic structure: you want to dance. Songs are quite often written for dancing, which makes this genre a leader: visualization of spectacular dance, along with a great sense, where the accompaniment plays the role of the background.

Also, classic love songs are liked by many. It unites rockers, rappers, jazz fans, businessmen, lovers, and so on. It is background music that doesn’t interfere with falling asleep; beautiful melodies that help calm down and no human voice that can interfere with focusing on something or distracting you. According to many people, this is the most pleasant and sincere genre in music.  

Best songs for a romantic evening

In preparing for a romantic date, it is important to carefully approach every detail. An important detail is music that will help add charm to your meeting. Music should cause you and your soulmate to have exciting and trembling feelings because all couples have a mutual desire to stay together and isolate themselves from everything during a romantic meeting.

  1. Cardigans – Lovefool

This can be called one of the best love songs for her. A frivolous and very cute song from the Cardigans group was performed in the film Romeo + Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. “Just say that you love me,” the vocalist sings. Of course, on the first date, you won’t demand declarations of eternal love but a memorable motive will create a relaxed atmosphere and make you and your chosen one smile.

  • Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

Popular Australians from Savage Garden sang a lot of best love songs, which are still hits in their genre. “It may seem crazy, but I fell in love with you before I met you, I have been waiting for you all my life.” Isn’t this your story?

  • Tito & Tarantula – After Dark

This is one of the best I love you songs. In Robert Rodriguez’s film From Dusk Till Dawn, Salma Hayek, as a fatal seducer, danced a dance to that particular song. Your dance doesn’t have to be as frank, but After Dark will make your evening more sensual.

  • Frank Sinatra – Moon River

You probably remember this of the best love songs of all time from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn plays the guitar and sings Moon River, sitting on the windowsill with a towel on her head. It is very romantic, especially considering the happy ending of the film.

  • Whitney Huston – I Will Always Love You

The song, which was sung by the famous singer, can describe the best feeling in the world. The words “I will always love you” show serious intentions and have a strong impact on lovers. This song for a romantic date can turn the process into a real pleasure.

Based on what has been written, it follows that not much is needed for a romantic evening. And it can influence a relationship very strongly. It doesn’t matter at all what the budget is and how romantic the person is. Everyone will be able to prepare romantic music, buy a bottle of wine, cook dinner, decorate the table with candles, and give a flower. And it’s absolutely doesn’t matter whether this is the first date or reconciliation after a serious quarrel, or maybe just a desire to make a partner feel good or arrange an opportunity to be alone with each other in a pleasant atmosphere.

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